Best alternatives to WeWork

Best alternatives to WeWork

In the past eight years, WeWork has made a name for itself as the largest international coworking network, with more than 200 coworking spaces in 20 countries and an estimated $16 billion valuation as a private company. From Denver and Detroit to Melbourne and Mumbai, it is hard to find a major city without a WeWork location. However, as the network grows, WeWork may be losing some of its community charm, and in some cities the large facilities are far more expensive than other coworking options. Consider these four alternatives to WeWork if you’re searching for the perfect coworking space on a tight budget.

The Wing

Billed as a work and community space for women, The Wing is garnering some of the same buzz WeWork had in its early years. The first location opened in New York’s Flatiron neighborhood in 2016, and there are now three more open spaces in SoHo, Dumbo and Washington D.C. Plans are in the works to open spaces in San Francisco, London, Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle in the future. The Wing draws members with its aesthetically pleasing workspaces, exclusive events like a members-only seminar with Hillary Clinton, and of course the social mission of advancing the rights of women.


One of the biggest perks of joining WeWork is the ability to work from any of their locations, and KettleSpace has matched that in New York City at a significantly lower price. Currently, KettleSpace allows members to work from nearly a dozen restaurants in New York from the Upper West Side to Bushwick, making use of the space during the day when it would otherwise be empty. The innovative concept allows for low-priced coworking in New York, with rates starting at $25 per month for limited hours and $99 per month for unlimited access. Each KettleSpace location has plenty of power outlets; open seating great for solo work, meetings and lunches; free coffee and tea, and reliable WiFi.


Compass is a monthly membership that grants access to more than 900 workspaces in 85 countries. Membership can be purchased for one, three or ten days; or monthly. Members can search online through the large list of spaces in the Compass network. Because Compass doesn’t actually own or operate the spaces, members rely on reviews from other members to find the right space. Some of the more unique locations you can work from using the Compass network include Le Bop Coworking in Madagascar, NomadLife in Nicaragua and Upscale Coworking in Saudi Arabia, making it an option to consider if you are a full-time traveler or are looking for a way to get some work done while on vacation.

The Farm

Although it doesn’t have the same international reach as WeWork, The Farm is consistently called one of the best coworking spaces in New York because of its affordable starting price at just $179 per month, and a long list of amenities. The Farm operates three locations in SoHo, Nolita and Nomad, all of which feature stunning, natural designs full of plants, light and open space to work. While it lacks some of the perks WeWork or the other big name coworking networks offer, The Farm has a great personal touch that makes it stand out in the New York coworking scene.

Regardless of your budget, there’s a coworking option for everyone in New York City. Finding the right one can be tough, but starting with this list will help you zero in on an affordable coworking space in NYC.


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