Kettle for Your Organization

Leaders who need to learn fast and iterate quickly choose the KettleOS platform. They use us to design, build, and manage their hybrid work models and their return to the office, including staff vaccine status. Insights gained from collected data can be rapidly implemented using flexible configurations. 


An Operating System

Managing your workplace model post-COVID?
The Kettle platform provides dynamic solutions to new, complex problems.
Leaders Can:
  • Operationalize new decisions, rules, and choices

  • Set bespoke policies and permissions for teams and individuals

  • Manage health and safety compliance policies (including vaccine status verification) for staff

  • Configure and access workspaces (HQ, home, near home) 

  • Provide near-home space options

  • Gather data that supports iteration and optimization of hybrid models 

Employees Can:
  • Navigate new choices, rules, and experiences through an intuitive mobile app

  • Book spaces (hoteling) and coordinate meetings with colleagues

  • Provide proof of vaccine for verification and enjoy safe check-ins at any type of location

  • Connect with coworkers while supporting company culture initiatives

See how KettleOS can help your organization create a smart hybrid model:

Manage Health and Safety Compliance

Kettle's new integration with CLEARED4 seamlessly provides a HIPAA-compliant vaccine verification system for staff in all types of organizations.
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Manage Space Reservations

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Kettle OS takes the headache out of hoteling and hot desk management. Now you can let your employees discover and book workspaces in your HQ, office, or remote locations, right from the app on their phones.

It’s a win-win: you set the rules and maintain control, while they have the freedom to get the most out of your hybrid work solutions.

Pair KettleOS with Our Curated 

Provide your employees with near home/3rd space alternatives to WFH.

Your Employees Simply Download the App...

Our platform is a software solution that empowers compelling work experiences and unlocks hybrid models.
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...And You Get Great IDEAs from KettleOS

Kettle IDEA: Insights, Data, Employee Utilization, Analysis Tool
  • Understand your employee behaviors, preferences and workspace utilization patterns through qualitative and quantitative analysis.

  • Gain insights from data views across single locations or your entire portfolio. Identify gaps in supply and demand so that you can optimize for better real estate ROI and flexibility over time.


  • Optimize for ROI and flexibility over the coming years as your need for space evolves.

Companies Working with Kettle

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