A dynamic platform that enables iterative Hybrid HQ solutions for today and tomorrow.
  1. Optimize and coordinate your Hybrid HQ strategy with ease, expertise, and technology

  2. Add hyperlocal workspace alternatives near where your employees live 

  3. Enable in-person office experiences and collaboration, by setting guidelines and choices across users and teams

  4. Utilize data and insights as intelligence to create a thoughtful Hybrid HQ model with better real estate ROI and infinite flexibility

KettleOS  Capabilities

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Intuitive employee-facing mobile app interface to enable discovery of spaces and diverse experiences


Management of your existing office space and the option to add access to spaces near employees’ homes

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Insights and data that drive smarter real estate and talent acquisition decisions


Operating system and tools to manage when and where teams and employees work


Integration with existing systems for easy implementation


Mechanisms to facilitate in-person employee engagement initiatives

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