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House Rules

Pro Tips for being a 
Kettle Member

Three tips to be awesome, together...

Perfect Your Late Night DJ Voice

We’re a zoom-friendly community, which means wearing headphones, keeping an arms’ distance from your neighbor, and using your best Late Night DJ voice on calls, ensuring everyone can work in the new normal, happily together

Create a 
Zen Space

Working in an uncluttered, clean space is a great way to find flow and do your best work.  And a great way to show love to others around you.  So toss out that bottle or wrapper and enjoy some good karma.

Smile, You're at

Beautiful space, fast wi-fi, clean bathrooms… and a community of awesome people around you hustling to bring their dreams to life. Feel free to share a smile and say hello, we’re all neighbors, after all.

And if someone forgets 

to be awesome...

Maybe they’re talking too loud, forgot to clean up, or decided it was a good idea to air out their feet in the middle of the space… if so, feel free to politely ask them to be more courteous (they’re probably unaware, anyway).  Or reach out to a Hospitality Manager or send us an email to and we’ll make sure it gets taken care of.