Make Your Space Work for You

Why Become a Host?


Monetize under-utilized and empty space when needed


Acquire new customers and tenants

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Add experiences to boost engagement from current customers


Eliminate downtime and find innovative ways to use your existing space 

What does it cost to partner with KettleSpace?

Nothing! There's no hidden fees at all. We pay you and you benefit from increased sales + new customers.

How much money can I make by partnering with KettleSpace per month?

An average KettleSpace partner makes between $2 - 5k per month in incremental base revenue plus food & beverage sales and private event bookings

How do I become a KettleSpace partner?

Implementation is easy and takes less than 1 month. Our veteran hospitality team will work with you hand in hand.

What is the minimum time commitment?

To begin with we ask for a six month commitment. From there it’s month to month. Our partnership model only works if its beneficial for both KettleSpace and our partners.

Is there an additional staffing requirement?

Minimal or none at all. We train your existing staff to deliver a great experience, that requires minimal oversight.

Does KettleSpace charge anything for the marketing they do on our behalf?

We will work with your marketing team to build a customized cross-promotions plan for your location(s). There is no additional fee for KettleSpace to market your space on your behalf.

What are the minimum operating hours?

At least 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday; but the more hours and seats offered, the more revenue you will make.

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