Return to the Office Safely & in Compliance


NEW INTEGRATION: We’ve teamed up with CLEARED4, the nation’s largest and most trusted COVID-19 health validation platform to offer a HIPAA compliant tool for leaders to implement the new federal vaccine verification mandate.

CLEARED4 is the most trusted cloud-based health verification platform in the industry, issuing millions of monthly covid health passes globally for organizations including Netflix, AAA, Live Nation, Sun Chemical, The New York Yankees, and AT&T Stadium.

Now corporate and team leaders can use KettleOS to easily manage and communicate new policies.

We provide you with:

  • HIPAA compliant vaccine or negative test verification for employees, staff, and guests.

  • Stay up to date with the latest municipality and CDC guidelines.

  • The ability to communicate new policies to your team and evolve them as things change.

  • Tools for new work models (hoteling, hot-desking, scheduling, coordinating in-person meetings + gatherings).

  • Data to support future decisions pertaining to your new office and health policies.

  • Provide contact-tracing solutions to manage outbreaks.

All this is integrated into the Kettle App enabling:

  • Vaccine Verification: Track and manage your workers’ vaccine status in compliance with current HIPAA guidelines.

  • Strict Access Control: Tie your office and venue access control system to staff and employees’ verified health results.

  • Contact Trace Reporting: Save an average of 2-3 hours of tracing per exposure.

KettleOS Provides Health + Hybrid Solutions


Dashboard for Leaders & Managers

Manage health, office + venue policies for HQ employees and on-site staff including: HIPAA-compliant verifications, team communication + coordinating in-person activities, policies for days working remotely vs. in-office, and desk + room booking management.

App for Employees & Staff

Provide a mobile app for employees to support easy proof of vaccine or negative test, updates on changing policies, and safe check-ins at any type of location.

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