Founding Member Benefits


A Note to our Founding Members


In March 2020, we faced the most difficult challenge of our startup journey as COVID hit NYC hard. Prior to mandatory shutdowns, we elected to voluntarily close KettleSpace, the neighborhood workspace community we spent the previous four years building with thousands of you, not knowing if or when we’d open our doors again. We proactively paused all of your accounts (and launched our complimentary virtual community), said farewell to our Hosts, and went back to the drawing board.


At the time, we asked for your support as we headed into truly uncertain waters. And, since then, you have provided a ton of it. 


Now, after 15 months, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to reopen and reciprocate your support! We’re up and running in some of your favorite locations -- The Wilson, Baar Baar, CSTM HAUS, and the newly added Roger Smith Hotel -- with many more locations and meeting rooms on the way. 


But before things get too hectic, we want to take a moment to connect with our Founding Members, all of you who kept the Kettle dream alive over these years, and offer you a Founding Member Benefits package to thank you for your support… and to make sure you’re with us for the next 10 years of the journey!

Founding Member Benefits:



Lifetime Unlimited Membership:  $95 per month, forever (50% off our new Premium plan price of $190 per month for 12 months).


Five (5) Lifetime Referrals:  Hook up five (5) friends, coworkers, or family members with the same Lifetime Membership, and receive limited-edition Kettle swag for every referral.


$100 in Credits:  This Fall, we’re launching meeting and private room bookings on our app. Your account will be loaded up with $100 worth of credits as soon as it's launched. 


Plus: Early access to new technology features, spaces, and other product enhancements.

*Founding Memberships are limited, and will be closed without notice once allotted Memberships have been reached

Set up a call with our Member Experience team to redeem now 

And if we’re not in your neighborhood yet… Don’t worry! We’ll work with you to redeem your Founding Member Benefits now, but won’t charge you until a location in your neighborhood is up and running!

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