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For many freelancers, the default place to work from is a coffee shop, but anyone who has tried this in New York knows how chaotic, costly, sometimes fattening, and highly frustrating it can be. From flaky WiFi to a lack of seating and power outlets, even the best Starbucks is no match for a proper coworking environment. These are six reasons why you should choose KettleSpace instead of a café this month for your remote and freelance working needs.


If you have ever stood in line watching all the tables (even the larger ones) become occupied while the barista is pouring your cold brew, then you’ll appreciate KettleSpace. By converting restaurants to workspaces during their off-hours, KettleSpace promises you will have plenty of table space to spread out and get some real work done. You will have comfortable seating and will never have to work standing at a counter or with your computer on your lap again (even if it is a laptop). The restaurants KettleSpace occupies are trendy and modern, too, like the plant-filled Diviera Drive in Williamsburg or the warm, lounge-like Baar Baar in NoHo. When you ditch the coffee shop office you surely won’t miss the noise either. KettleSpace gives you a bit more privacy too, as you nestle into a booth for the morning to return emails or work on some client deliverables.


Let’s say you spend ten days a month working from coffee shops, and order one drink each time. At the end of the month you’ve racked up a $40 bill for a few days of work at a crowded space with an unfortunate taste in music. Maybe you were guilted into a midday snack since you were taking up a table. KettleSpace plans start at $25 for ten hours of coworking time per month, with coffee and tea included. The price of working from a coffee shop and joining KettleSpace is almost parallel, but with KettleSpace you know you’ll always have WiFi, a power outlet and a quiet space to work. Or go unlimited and get access to any space across the city for as many hours as you need, still less than a coffee a day in NYC.

Food options

Forget munching on a muffin or Kind Bar for lunch while working at a café trying to avoid eating another 500-calorie blueberry muffin. Instead, take advantage of the lunch specials that KettleSpace members get at many of the coworking restaurants. Whether you are craving modern fare from the hip Distilled NY or fresh Greek from Mykonos Blue Grill, KettleSpace makes it easy to stay productive through lunch. The menus also make KettleSpace a great option for working lunches with clients or partners.


Perhaps the most important reason to choose KettleSpace instead of a café for your workspace is having the consistency and peace of mind that you actually have a space. From the WiFi and power outlets, to peace and quiet, you always know what you’re going to get when working from a KettleSpace location. For those few times when there is a glitch, KettleSpace also has Community Managers available to ensure things get up and running again quickly so you can focus more on your work and less on what you’re going to do when your laptop battery runs low.

Say goodbye to having to ask for the code to the bathroom from the cashier, or for looking the other way when the counter server gives you the stink eye for not buying anything. And say hello to your new office, KettleSpace.

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