Kettle is an end-to-end platform supporting the entire hybrid work ecosystem.

We combine a cutting-edge mobile app with a software operating system and a network of flexible workspaces to support workers, leaders, and local businesses alike.

What We've Learned




We were passionate about the global adoption of remote work and co-working, and the growing awareness that working from the office isn't always ideal.

When COVID hit, we spoke with thousands of leaders and workers to learn what they need to navigate this new landscape.

Working from home can have downsides, while working remotely can have upsides




Working among our colleagues is critical for some activities, at least some of the time. However,  collaboration and community are not uniform.

Working in a hybrid model is the future. Getting it right will take time, shared experience, and learned insight.

Many companies are not going back to the office everyday. Kettle can help individuals, teams, and leaders manage the new work environment.

How it Started

In 2016, we launched an innovative drop-in work space model, operating within your favorite neighborhood restaurants and hotels.

Since then, we've enabled tens of thousands of people to access hundreds of spaces and experiences. At the same time, we've been able to help local businesses and create meaningful connections among Members of our community.


When COVID hit, we voluntarily ceased operating our workspaces and suspended our membership fees immediately. During that time, we've pivoted (who hasn't?) to provide a more comprehensive solution to all those navigating the new "future of work."

We took our workspace hospitality knowledge and feedback from thousands of business leaders to build a robust platform and SaaS operating system. It can manage the end-to-end dynamics among people, space, and time in hybrid models.


Our solutions offer smart work experiences to employees and leaders who are adopting hybrid models within their organizations. For Members who want hyperlocal alternatives to simply WFH, we continue to offer our prime, curated spaces.

No one knows exactly what tomorrow will bring, but we do know that we'll need to be fluid and adaptable. Easy-to-use technology and flexible workspaces will continue to play a role in solving complex challenges.


We're grateful to still be here and we're excited to empower individuals, teams, and leaders to establish hybrid work experiences.


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